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AIR Lender Appraisal Certification Form hereafter known as Lender certifies the following is accurate regarding the completion of the attached appraisal for the property address referenced below. Borrower Name MSI Loan Property Address City/State/Zip Appraisal Dated Undue Influence Controls The appraiser was selected by Lender using criteria based on the appraiser s qualifications proximity to the subject property and other factors determined by Lender to ensure compliance with the appraisal...
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Welcome to the annual compliance certification module this module is presented by the division of compliance assistance environmental compliance assistance program the division of compliance assistance is part of the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection DCA exists to provide services that increase environmental knowledge and encourage positive behavioral changes DCA does this to improve regulatory compliance achieve exceptional performance and to enhance the quality of Kentucky's environment and communities the ACC or annual compliance certifications is a duty imposed upon all holders of Kentucky air quality permits issued after the clean air act amendments in 1990 I'm sure your first question is why a permit holder is required to submit the ACC it is a direct requirement of the Clean Air Act and is codified in the Kentucky administrative regulations the intent of the reporting requirements is for facilities to investigate their error mission sources confirm proper monitoring and record-keeping and ensure the authorities with their compliance to air quality regulations and the conditions of their permit in addition the ACC requires to be sworn certification signed by a responsible official to provide greater assurance and responsibility of the facilities' compliance with air quality regulations for 1k are 50 to 1 section 162 provides the definition of a responsible official which I'll not read through but basically outlines who at your facility or company should sign the ACC this is a certification statement to which the responsible official signs basically states that the information is true accurate and complete under penalty of law false statements are punishable by fines or imprisonment the ACC is done annually as the name suggests, but the ACC must be postmarked by January thirtieth which will report on January 1st through December 31st of the preceding year failure to submit in a timely manner SE violation in special cases there are facilities that have two permits or two locations or a recently revised permit you should submit an ACC for each permit that has been issued be sure to specify the appropriate date ranges if you are issued your permit in the last year then you will need to certify compliance beginning with the issuance date of that permit if the facility was recently issued a permit and is not yet operating you still need to submit the ACC but make a statement regarding the construction or operational status if you are operating some emission units and not others be sure to indicate the units that are not operating or date ranges in which they were not operating now that the introduction is through let's start with the ACC submission the ACC is to be submitted on the form DEP 7007 CC which is provided by the Kentucky Department for air quality you can access the form by going to air KY govt this is the Kentucky division for air quality home page if you scroll down view their quick links and select applications and...
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